A Note on Fitting In

When you don’t fit in

When you don’t fit in with not fitting in

When you love independent French films but your comfort movie is Forrest Gump

When you burn incense but wear Chanel

When you buy fair trade-organic but prefer cane sugar to agave

When you write poetry and paint pictures but you’re studying for the bar

When you listen to punk, but you love ELO … and Violeta Parra, too, for that matter

When you’re nerdy but not naturally studious

When you love reading literature but hate the canon

When you prefer whiskey but will drink a Cosmo, or a beer, if the time is right

When you overshare or under-share or are too introverted or not introverted enough

When you’re too basic but you’re too quirky and yet you’re somehow not quirky enough

When you love something deeply, but have other interests

When you care about style but you’re never in vogue

When you love vintage but aren’t a slave to the look

When you’re comfortable with your sexuality, but it’s not really anyone else’s business

When you’re not actually fat or movie-star thin

When you have a disability but you’re a regular person, too

When you see something of yourself in everyone, but you have yet to find your people

When you’re fiercely independent, but remain a hopeless romantic

When you’re a free spirit, but you’re not chained to being free